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employment, internet dating, records, criminal, pre-employment, juror
Skip Tracing
missing persons, collections, find friends, deadbeat parents
Insurance Fraud
workman's comp, auto / life / homeowners insurance, disability, healthcare
Computer Forensics
fraud, electronic discovery, data recovery, scam protection
high profile figures, special circumstances, commodity transport, gatherings, public appearances, international travel / escort, ASO's
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World Association of Detectives

The World Association of Detectives, Inc. is an outstanding and leading international organization whose members are the leaders of their profession in their respective communities and countries. In 1950, the World Secret Service Association, Inc., an international organization of private investigators, was formed as a joint venture by the combined membership of the World Association of Detectives (founded in 1925) and the International Secret Service Association (founded in 1921). The chief goals are to promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession, and to foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among members and allied organizations.

10 Million Reasons to Use Advent IG

Our investigative network helped save our clients over $10 million in potential losses in 2005 alone!
650 More Reasons

Advent IG located more than 650 individuals across the globe for our clients.
Large and Small

Large companies or private citizens use Advent IG

In this fast-paced world we live in, the need for timely and accurate information can affect companies bottom line significantly and aid in our understanding of who we are forming personal relationships with.

We recognize that top quality, timely information is of critical importance to our clients - whether they are single legal practitioners or large law firms, small businesses or large corporations, a governmental agency, or private citizen. Whatever your investigative need, Advent Investigative Group should be your first choice.

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